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A new way of doing business

Cloud computing is to small business as roads are to cars. In order to move to the next level of success you must travel on a road, and that is what cloud computing can do for a small business. It provides the foundation for a business to grow technologically without the associated high costs of hardware, software, maintenance and IT support. Cloud computing is a method of allowing your files to be stored and handled by an outside (3rd party) Server Farm. These Farms guarantee the safety of your data and files, while you work on your desktop like you normally do. You do not see or feel a difference in how you work.

Are you trying to solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's tech?

Let us help bring your company into the new way of business.


What is cloud computing? Everyone in the technology world is talking about it… and a lot of people in the business world are asking the same question, “What is cloud computing, and what does it mean for my business?” Cloud computing platforms are growing in popularity, but why? Most IT departments are forced to spend a significant portion of their time on frustrating implementation, maintenance, and upgrade projects that too often don’t add significant value to the company’s bottom line. Increasingly, IT teams are turning to cloud computing technology to minimize the time spent on lower-value activities and allow IT to focus on strategic activities with greater impact on the business.


The reality of our new world is that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will transform how businesses stay competitive. Automation will guide the business owner in prediction and decision making, based on self-generated data.  MSYS has seen the impact that AI is already having on many of our clients.  It is estimated that by 2030, robots will eliminate over 4 million jobs in the global economy and we want to make sure you are prepared to make use of this technology and reap the benefits.


AI will replace human workers for routine tasks like data entry and even complex analysis formulas and what-if scenarios. However, AI will never fully replace thinking humans. We will still always need human eyes to oversee AI results and someone to make decisions based off of the data analyzed and computed from Machine Learning. 

MSYS understands that cash is king, but in the new AI global economy, data will be even more powerful than cash.  Cryptocurrency will move money faster. 

AI will reduce duplicative tasking and quickly analyze datasets that will give you unimaginable insights, efficiency, and deliver real result-driven performances from your vendors, customers, and employees.


Cloud-based solutions and web-based software applications will allow everyone to easily and affordably access AI platforms.

All that will be left of the server-based accounting software of the 2000’s will be the fossil remains of those who refused to adopt AI.


MSYS aggressively pursues education and research on emerging applications. We have developed a tech-stack that helps our clients smoothly transition into this new world.  Imagine a life where your accounting data is at your fingertips and in real-time on your mobile device.  AI embodies our mission of “LIFE, WORK, HARMONY” that we deliver to our clients.  Get your LIFE back by harnessing the power of AI, WORK as a business owner, not an employee, and feel HARMONY as we create synergy between Man and Machine working together.



Taming the Machine!

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