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Business Management

& Consulting

  • Internal Controls, Inter-Company Process Re-engineering, Temporary/Acting Controllership.

  • Infrastructure and Start-up Development, Policy Development.

  • Trend Analysis, Budgeting, Forecasting, Business Plan Development.

  • Funding Pro-Forma’s, Brain-storming and researching.

  • Project Management for Corporate Capital Acquisitions, Policy Implementation.

  • Recruitment Services (Recruitment only provided for Expert-sourcing clients who have outgrown us and need us to find, train and deliver qualified employees).

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Expert-Sourcing &

Business Support



  • Accounts Payable – Bills & Payments.

  • Account Receivables – Invoices & Collections.

  • Payroll – Pay checks, HR & Tax reporting, etc.

  • Financial Statement – Printing, reporting, reconciling.

  • Construction – Job Costing, Certified P/R, AIA, Draw Schedules, Margin Sheets, etc.

  • Certified Expert in QuickBooks Software.

  • Researching, Installation, Implementation, Training.

  • Design and Process Re-engineering to properly manipulate Data Entry into software.

  • Ensure that Data entry meets Clients needs in reporting and efficiency.

  • Microsoft Office Suites or Industry specific Job Costing modular software.

  • Project Management for Networking, Intranet portals, websites and Paperless environments.

Bookkeeping Solutions

At My Staff Your Staff we realize most companies bookkeeping needs do not fit into a neat little box. Just as every company is unique, software solutions need to be unique to accommodate them. We evaluate each company and recommend a solution based on your unique situation.

Some companies may need a little training

Some may need to use our cloud services

Others need all bookkeeping done for them

After our initial evaluation, we will recommend a solution. Odds are, it will be a solution involving QuickBooks. Quickbooks has a strong following and puts user ease first. 

Whatever your need, we can tailor a program right for you.

Learn more about QuickBooks below.


Are you ready to become a successful business? We are here to help. With over 25 years experience in vital accounting software like QuickBooks and Peachtree, our company is here to help you grow. My staff your staff helps small to mid sized businesses implement over-the-counter software technologies. Over the years, we have come across a few tips & tricks that have helped countless people with their QuickBooks software. The following are some of our most frequently used tips.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Open the Chart of Accounts


Opens the Find Window


Open the Write Checks Form


Open the Create Invoice Form


Open the Memorized Transactions List


Open the Client List


Easy date keyboard shortcuts



Moves you one day at a time

+ Moves you forward one day at a time - Moves you backward one day at a time

Moves you to the beginning of the month


Moves you to the end of the month


Moves you to the beginning of the year


Moves you to the end of the year



Are you

My Staff Your Staff helps small to mid-sized businesses properly implement over-the-counter software technologies like QuickBooks® and Peachtree/Sage® and Mid-Market industry specific Job Costing and Accounting Software (i.e. QB Enterprise, HardHat, ComputerEase, Master Builder, etc).