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In 2010, I committed to myself to have my own business and build it to a level that I could start to hire employees. It is a major milestone hiring your first employee to work fulltime with you. It took me 2 years to have enough clients to support another paycheck besides myself.

Who do you look for? What skills should they have? How much should you pay them? What work do I assign them? So many questions to find answers to.

This topic would dominate conversations with my daughter Lariena each time we talked over the phone. We were miles apart, in different states but like minded in many areas of conversation. We had the same strengths and we felt the same in many areas of knowing what was the right thing to do. Lariena had already been helping me out in many aspects of the business since she was in High School. We would talk for hours on what our dreams of the future would be, and then one day it happened.

“Are you ready?” “What would it take to get you here?” “Do you want to come work for me?”

She yelped a resounding “Yes! I am ready.” We made a plan and set the plan in motion. It would take a few months for her to sell her home, pack her things, and move back home for good. We both were so excited to get to the next chapter of our lives and work toward a new future of working together again.

That was in 2012 and we have never looked back. So many changes, so much growth between us, and so much time and effort to establish our bond as a working team.

My daughter has been working in and out of our family business for over 20 years, but this day is her official 10 year anniversary as a fulltime employee of My Staff Your Staff Support System, Inc.

I have been blessed to be able to create a family business that can function well. A family dynamic in a business is very tough but we have been committed to the well being of each other for so long that I just can’t imagine my business without her. She is my rock, she is my stability, she is my future, she is my peace of mind.

Lariena Armstrong Habeger - Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary and today we celebrate you. I am in awe every day that you are still here with me, making this happen for us, and keeping me accountable to the team that we have created together over the last 10 years. Thank you!! I am truly grateful that you have chosen My Staff Your Staff as your home to grow old in.

Fran Armstrong


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