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Today, we saved our client $14k

I love making a difference for my clients! Having a positive impact for our business owners is why we do what we do. Sometimes that means giving them peace of mind, sometimes that means giving them reliable data to run their business, today it means saving our client $14k.

Workmans compensation insurance is a large expense for construction companies, it can add 10% or more to the total payroll expense and it’s common for even small operations to spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on their coverage. It is also common practice for the insurance company to conduct an audit every year to make sure that workers have been properly classified and that all premiums owed have been paid.

This particular client has been with us for a while, so we’ve been helping them with this yearly insurance audit for years. During the audit this year, we discovered that some new construction foremen had been reported under a management code rather than a jobsite code. If the insurance company felt that there was dishonesty or incompetence in the figures reported, they could have disallowed all of the breakdowns between codes and calculated the premiums using the highest rate for all construction crew payroll. We've actually seen that happen to other construction companies in audits and helped them contest those results.

Over the years, we build relationships with our client’s vendors and customers. They trust our knowledge and candor, they know that we operate in integrity and that is reflected in our client’s operations. The worst case scenario with the insurance audit this year would have resulted in the annual premium being $47k, but the result we got for our client was an annual premium of $33k. It may be impossible to pinpoint the exact long-term value of something intangible like a relationship or integrity; but for today, it was worth $14k!

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