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Go with the workflow

The 4th quarter is a great time to reflect on how things have changed for you and for your business this year. It is satisfying to look back on your accomplishments, and useful to remind yourself that there is still a little time left to achieve the goals not yet met. This is also the perfect time to look at how the daily/weekly/monthly processes used to run your business have formed or evolved this year. The reality of being a busy business owner is that we often don’t have the time to thoughtfully design a workflow for a new necessary task or customer request.

So, how can we balance being nimble enough to respond quickly to changing customer needs and achieving the process efficiency that will maximize our profits? Process discovery and refinement! It may sound like a complicated jumble of buzzwords, but here are 4 easy questions you can answer today to get started on your process discovery journey and identify the processes you should consider refining:

  1. What tasks/services do we do best?

  2. What tasks/services create friction for us or are bothersome to us?

  3. Which tasks/services are taking us too long to complete?

  4. Which tasks/services are generating the most and least revenue?

Did you find that your favorite tasks are profitable and a breeze to complete? Did you find that your highest revenue tasks are the most hassle and monopolize your time? We love operational efficiency and would be happy to assist you with redesigning problematic processes so that you can enjoy what you do best while maximizing profits and creating a foundation to grow your business.

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