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  • Frances Armstrong

Your Numbers Tell A Story

When you see your monthly financial statements, do your eyes immediately go straight to the bottom line? If you’ve ever had trouble understanding what all those numbers above the bottom are telling you, make plans to attend our first educational seminar on 18th October, 2018. The seminar will be held in Austin, Texas and is being taught by a CPA. You will receive training on how to read key indicators on the financial statements to know where your bottom line is headed in the months ahead, learn what WIP (work-in-progress or jobs-in-progress) reports do for your business and how adjustments to the WIP impact your profits, learn how to spot fraud in your business, and much more.

You can register for this seminar on our seminar page.

Please contact for more information Frances has worked in the construction accounting industry for more than 30 years. To view her LinkedIn, Click Here.

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