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construction back office professionals with 100+ years of combined industry experience

They aren’t looking for just another bookkeeping company.  They want a business partner that helps them decipher Accountanese.  A company that can help them understand what all the numbers mean for their day-to-day operations. 

Our clients don’t want a general bookkeeper. They want a partner that is an expert in construction industry financials.  People who can provide real-time data on Work In Progress and Job Costing.  People who know how to make the budgeted profit for projects become a reality.

Our clients aren’t looking for someone to take care of categorizing transactions.  They need information on ways to save money, make better decisions, and plug holes that are stealing their profitability.

Our clients aren’t looking for a cost center.  They are looking for a way to scale their business.  A way to add to their internal team without having to add more expenses. They want a partner who is looking out for their best interests, whether that means proactively putting in controls to prevent shrinkage and fraud, making sure there are no surprises regarding taxes or compliance, or helping them to decide if a new business acquisition is a good deal. 

Our clients want more. 

Ready to bring your team into the 21st century?



High level controllership for firms with in-house accounting staff.


Implementation of Artificial Intelligence programs to improve efficiency.


Providing clients with real-time reporting and data analytics.


Services designed to ensure immediate, accurate job cost/profile reports.

How Can We Help?

We focus on helping your company do the following:

I have been in some binds in the past and resent, never have I had a support staff been so efficient. We have been using My Staff for years and would recommend to anyone needing accounting/taxes/QB support, etc. Thanks to Niki, Fran, Joy, Lariena, and Candice. Awesome ladies!

-Steve Wingo



We protect our client’s right to complete privacy and confidentiality.


We provide the most cost effective administrative, bookkeeping and business support to our clients.


We perform all tasks in a timely, professional, attentive and courteous manner.


We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.


We go the extra mile to provide complete customer satisfaction.

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