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QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale is affordable, easy-to-use retail software that replaces your cash register and allows you to track inventory, sales and customers. Use it alone or get it bundled with hardware components that can save you time and reduce errors. Pair it with QuickBooks Financial Software, and you can transfer sales information to your QuickBooks accounting system automatically and streamline your entire business.

What does QuickBooks POS offer?

  • Automatically track your inventory as you ring sales

  • Track customer info and transaction history

  • Inventory management tools

  • Personalize customer service with the ability to view customer’s purchase history as you ring up sales

  • Create reports to track products, employee sales, and more

  • Manage up to 10 stores from one location with QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store Pro and more

  • Track inventory and ring up sales faster with item bar code scanning

  • ​Easily identify which POS card payment transactions were included in the deposits made to your bank account.

  • Generate and Email PO’s

  • Create a web store that integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks POS

  • Tracking of customer information

  • Process credit/debit card sales automatically

  • Manage information for up to 20 stores from one location

  • Use the full power of QuickBooks POS software, accept all major credit cards/debit cards

  • Competitive card-swiped rate of 1.64% on Visa, MC and Discover credit card payments

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