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Austin, TX | M-F 8am - 5pm


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  • Is my money safe?
    You will ALWAYS maintain complete control of your funds and your business. We never have direct access to your company funds and we do not sign any documents for you.
  • Are my documents safe?
    In today’s world you need a paperless office. Your digital documents will be neatly filed in protected locations where only authorized users have access to them. Your documents are ALWAYS yours and you can access them anytime you want or need to. When you stop our services, your data can be downloaded to your computer or you can take over management of the apps where your data is stored.
  • Who does my taxes?
    Your CPA will complete your taxes. We compile the year-end data and provide it to your CPA so that they can complete your corporate tax returns. If you do not have a CPA, we can provide a referral to one of the outstanding CPAs in our network.
  • How much will this cost me?
    We charge a fixed monthly rate for our services. Our fees are a fraction of what you’d pay for a skilled in-house employee. Your rate will be determined by several factors such as the size of your business, how many transactions your business has each month, how many employees you have, and how complex your operations are. Our fees start at $800 /month for a basic small business. A very large and complex business might have fees of up to $5,000 /month. Most of our client’s fees are in the $1,500 /month to $3,000 /month range. We also offer a startup package with limited services for very small cash basis businesses at $150 /month.
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