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Virtual Construction Controllership

Maximize Profits

This service is offered for larger firms with in-house accounting staff who need high level controllership. Your existing staff members retain day-to-day workloads with our training, oversight, and process efficiency improvements.  We close your books each month and generate analytical data reports. We also meet virtually with you on a regular cycle to guide you through what your numbers mean and specific steps you can take to improve profitability.

If you do not wish to maintain an in-house staff, our team can provide all of your daily bookkeeping functions. Daily bookkeeping is a free service available to all controllership clients.

Virtual Project Management Assistance (VPMA)

Maximize Project Manager (PM) Productivity

This service was specifically designed to remove the back office piece of project management and allow for immediate, accurate job cost/profit reports. With VPMA, your PMs can stop paper-pushing and focus on running their jobs in the field while better managing project costs.


On the vendor side, VPMA includes management of all job costed vendor and subcontractor invoices, an automated PM approval process, and pay-when-paid vendor payments.


On the employer side, VPMA includes GPS/time tracking, job costed payrolls, and certified payroll reporting (with fringe benefit allocations).


On the contract side, VPMA includes pay applications to your GCs/Owners, waivers, and CO request tracking. VPMA also includes our optimization program of making sure you are paid on time each month to keep cash flow constant. 


VPMA service requires enrollment with our virtual controllership service as well. Having the controller services with included bookkeeping will ensure all data is entered accurately and timely so your VPMA services will work seamlessly.

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